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YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts

Contact: Alexandra Moniz

Address: 20 South Sixth Street, New Bedford, MA 02740

Phone: 508-999-3255    Fax: 508-999-2802

E-mail: amoniz@ywcasema.org

Website: www.ywcasema.org

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Founded in 1911, YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts is a women's membership movement whose mission is eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts serves an area that stretches from the Rhode Island state line east to Provincetown, south to the Islands and north to Attleboro, Brockton and Plymouth. YWCA helps women, girls and their families attain self-sufficiency by providing services to support the vast needs of people from numerous populations. While the special concerns of women provide the impetus for YWCA services, many programs are open to everyone. YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts programs and services are identified in four areas: Adult Services, Health and Wellness, Residential Services and Youth Services.


Volunteer Opportunities 

The following are options for involvement with the YWCA. Our goal is that volunteers will connect with our mission, eliminating racism, empowering women and have a meaningful experience. These areas include:
• Clerical support at the YWCA Levi Standish House
• Assisting in daily activities at YWkids School Age Program
• Assisting in daily activities with Youth Services programs
• Facility maintenance
• Assisting in daily activities for Health and Wellness Program
• Red Dress Fashion Show and Silent Auction Committee (for February, begins in September prior to event)
• International Women’s Day Coordinator (for March 8th, begins in November prior to event)
• Cape Verdean Recognition Day Parade Float Coordinator (for July, begins in May prior to event)
• Week Without Violence Coordinator (for October, begins in August prior to event)
• Membership Committee (must be or become a YWCA member)
• Student Internships

The Levi Standish House is open from 9:00am-4:00pm Mon-Fri. The hours for volunteering at YWkids vary depending on the time of year. Schedules for the committee meetings vary.



“I love the YWCA because as a women and one that is multi-cultural, I feel it is necessary to be part of a historic organization that has a foundation that is based in empowering women and girls. The YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts works daily to provide me, my daughter and granddaughter a voice in our community. Thanks YW!!!!”
-Kym Barboza-Owens
Facilitator, Racial Justice Community Sessions
Past Residential Director, YWCA Southeastern MA

“What drew me to the YWCA was that there weren't many programs within the community focused on women's issues. I had gotten my minor in Women studies because it always intrigued me how much women have overcome discrimination and how they are considered a minority in many areas of the world. The YWCA gives women a voice in the community, provides an outlet for women to feel comfortable to speak out, and a safe place for those women who are struggling with health issues, as well as many other issues that we at the YWCA are helping them overcome.”
-Christine Coelho
Past Assistant Treasurer, YWCA Board of Directors
Co-Chair, Red Dress Fashion Show & Silent Auction Committee

“The YWCA provides myriad opportunities for interaction and shared intelligence among women and girls of diverse lifestyles usually without the impact of the male perspective. It is one of the few organizations where women can experience personal growth, leadership and power.”
-Yvonne Drayton
Vice-Chair, National Coordinating Board, YWCA USA
National Coordinating Board Representative, YWCA New England Region
Past Executive Director, YWCA Southeastern MA

"What draws me to the YWCA is its mission. Eliminating racism and empowering women are actions I strongly believe in and the YWCA is one of the very few organizations that is making an effort to make these changes. Along with this mission, the YWCA continues to affect many lives daily, including my own. As a little girl, I went to the YWCA after school program. Now, as a young adult I am proud to be a part of an organization that provides so many influential positive programs for our communities."
-Rosita Maeks-Anderson
UMASS Dartmouth Student Intern, Leadership Development
Assistant to the Director of Advocacy and Communications

"I greatly respect the work that the YWCA does; it serves unmet needs over the long term, regardless of how unpopular or unfashionable those causes are at any given moment. By helping out at the YWCA, I work side by side with people who are committed and effective, the kind of people on whom I try to model my own behavior."
-Neal Weiss
YWCA Capital Campaign Steering Committee

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