Volunteer New Bedford


Volunteer New Bedford

Contact: Mali Lim, Volunteer Coordinator

Address: 133 William Street, New Bedford, MA 02740

Phone: 508-961-3020   Fax: 508-991-6262

E-mail: mali.lim@newbedford-ma.gov

Website: www.newbedford-ma.gov

Facebook: Volunteer New Bedford

Twitter: @VolunteerNB

Volunteer SouthCoast: City of New Bedford Department of Community Services


We are a volunteer connector and coordinator organization and a volunteer host site!



Volunteer New Bedford is a citywide initiative dedicated to responding to community needs and improving the quality of life for city residents by fostering and encouraging a culture of volunteerism and community service.

Created in 2008 with assistance from the Massachusetts Service Alliance, the GIVING Network (as the initiative was originally called) was a collaboration of City departments, regional community organizations, and local agencies united by a common interest in promoting volunteerism in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Renamed Volunteer New Bedford after the City joined the nationwide Cities of Service initiative in 2009, VNB continues to work with local organizations, government departments, and educational institutions to engage citizens in community service.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer requests from city departments and local non-profit agencies are posted weekly on Facebook at Volunteer New Bedford, on the VolunteerSouthcoast database at the UnitedWayofGNB.org, and on Twitter @VolunteerNB to help more residents connect to service opportunities more easily, and a volunteer application form is available for download on the City’s website at Volunteer New Bedford.

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