Southeastern MA Food Security Network


Southeastern MA Food Security Network

Contact: Stephanie Reusch

Address: 276 Gulf Road Dartmouth, MA 02748

Phone: 508-789-8020 



Facebook: Southeastern MA Food Security Network


We are a volunteer host site!



We are a coalition of food pantries, farms, foundations, and social service agencies working together to promote food security in Southeastern Massachusetts (Westport to Wareham).

The Network was formed in 2012 to address food security issues in our region, including emergency food access and distribution, nutrition education, and local sustainable agriculture. The Network provides a space for participants to collaborate, share, and match goals and expertise to promote food security in our region. We help build on each other’s strengths to effectively support a diverse and healthy local food system.

Volunteer Opportunities

We currently do not have any volunteers working with our organization. However we are looking to add a volunteer opportunity program in the near future.

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