Congratulations to Our Newest Pledge Completers!

We have the honor of acknowledging our latest SouthCoast 60 Pledge completers! These latest folks to finish their 60 Hour Pledge will be recognized at a Bay Sox game on July 31st for their service and commitment to the South Coast region of MA!

Thank you and congratulations to:

Kaitlyn-Marie Brilhante

Aaliyah Quintal

Cade Scott

Madison Valois

Mary Bui

Ramon Torres

and Rhonda Silvia!

All of these individuals have completed 60+ hours of service in the South Coast region of MA at a variety of organizations in the area such as the United Way of Greater New Bedford, through Durfee High School, and through independent religious programs.

Thank you all for your service and dedication to our community!


Interested in taking part in the pledge? Visit our SouthCoast 60 Pledge page for more information.

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