OurVolts: User Guide

With our new Volunteer Tracker OurVolts up and running, you can start tracking your hours online as you complete your SouthCoast 60 Pledge! Read through this guide to see how to use OurVolts to start tracking your hours and get that much closer to completing your Pledge. Use OurVolts on our website under our SouthCoast 60 Pledge page, on our OurVolts web page, or on your iPhone or other smart phone!

OurVolts is our new user-friendly tracking system. We are moving away from physical tracking sheets to offer you the flexibility of tracking hours on your phone or on our website. Below is a simple user-guide to OurVolts to get you tracking and volunteering! This also makes it easier to complete you pledge because we can see your progress and alert you when you have reached 60 hours.

For this guide, I will illustrate how to use the tracker that is embedded on our SouthCoast 60 Pledge page. It will be much the same on all the other formats and on your phone but the screen may look a little different.

When your first arrive to our Pledge page with the embedded tracker, this is what it will look like:


To begin, you will need to register with OurVolts. To do so, click on Sign up to create your account:


Once you register you will arrive at this next page. Already have an account? Log in and arrive here:


Now start logging your hours!

1. Select the date you volunteered.

2. Select the organization you volunteered with. Not listed? Add them in!

3. Choose the number of hours you served.

4. Write what you did in the notes section.

5. Submit!

pledge_log_sample.jpg  pledge_log_sample2.jpg   pledge_log_sample3.jpg  pledge_log_sample4.jpg

Want to track the hours on your phone? Download the app and record your hours as soon as you've finished them. You can see your progress if you visit our OurVolts page and click on the Timesheet or Charts tabs. You can also adjust your account information and see if there are any volunteer event sign-ups available. See below for examples of the Timesheet and Charts tabs.


With the Timesheet, you can see how far you have come to completing your 60 hours and then move on to larger milestones of service!


In the Charts section, you can see a record of your hours over the last year, all volunteers hours in the last 6 weeks who are using the app, top volunteers, milestone completions, etc.


Now that you've started tracking your hours, keep on volunteering until you hit 60 hours! Don't know where to volunteer? Visit Volunteer SouthCoast, sign-up for our newsletter, or Like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter page for fresh opportunities!


If you have any more questions after going through our guide, please do not hesitate to email us at southcoastserves@gmail.com for troubleshooting.

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