Operation Clean Sweep


Operation Clean Sweep

Contact: Lynn Coish

Address: 167 Townsend Street New Bedford Ma 02746

Phone: 508 979 1493 

E-mail: lacoishnb1@aol.com ; info@operationcleansweep.net

Website: www.operationcleansweep.net

Facebook: Operation Clean Sweep

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Operation Clean Sweep, an all-volunteer anti-litter campaign was formed in early 2006 as a result of citizen concern for the amount of trash and litter throughout New Bedford. Rather than ask the Mayor to solve the problem, concerned citizens offered solutions. Realizing the value of citizen participation he swiftly introduced the people who now, in part, form the committee of Operation Clean Sweep.

Our mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the far reaching negative effects of litter and trash on our environment.
Our vision is for a clean and healthy environment for the community now and for generations to come.

Education is a key component of Operation Clean Sweep. By creating awareness through classroom presentations, OCS Team members have reached out to over 3000 students in New Bedford. We ask the students to think about their trash and how to dispose of it properly. We encourage everyone to recycle and NOT Litter.

Organized Cleanups: OCS encourages everyone to get involved. Leading by example, we hope to teach behaviors that will result in helping to create a cleaner, safer environment for generations. Operation Clean Sweep organizes a series of cleanups throughout the city from April – September. It is only possible with the help of hundreds of civic minded volunteers and the support of City Services and neighborhood businesses.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are seeking volunteers on the Core Team to help organize cleanups, fundraising, marketing and social media. Monthly, we need volunteers to distribute flyers and participate in neighborhood cleanups.


“It was a great event.... the weather was beautiful and I think the city and the sponsors did a wonderful job with the food and activities for the neighborhood residents. You feel a tremendous sense of pride when you’re walking around cleaning up the city. I would definitely do it again.”
-Cleanup Volunteer Lorrie Bailey

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