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Mass Audubon South Coast Sanctuaries

Contact: Jennifer Costa

Address: 1280 Horseneck Road, Westport MA 02790

Phone: (508) 636-2437  Fax: (508) 636-0272



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We are a volunteer host site and a volunteer connector and coordinator organization!




To protect the nature of Massachusetts for people and for wildlife.


A Massachusetts in which nature—whether found in a city park or deep inside the forests of western Massachusetts or within an urban greenway, or along the 1,500 miles of Massachusetts coastline—is valued as essential to quality of life in the Commonwealth, and people live with appreciation and respect for the complex ecological systems that sustain life on earth, working together to ensure that they are protected.


To serve as a leader and a catalyst for conservation, by acting directly to protect the nature of Massachusetts and by stimulating individual and institutional action through conservation, education, and advocacy.


Values are an organization’s essential and enduring tenets—a small set of general guiding principles. They do not change and should not be compromised. We are pleased to share with you Mass Audubon’s core values:

Love of Nature

We value the diversity and resilience of nature and treasure its beauty. Nature sustains and renews us, provides unexpected moments of joy, and inspires our daily work.

Passion and Commitment

We are committed to nature and to people. We share our passion with others to connect people with nature and to inspire everyone to be stewards of the environment.

People and Community

We care deeply about our colleagues, our partners, our members, and the communities in which we work. We learn from their experience, expertise, and beliefs, and together we build conservation communities that welcome and respect all people.

Inspiring Action

We believe that every person can make a positive difference. Through education, personal discovery, and transformational experiences, we foster a conservation ethic in current and future generations.


We bring expertise, sound science, long-term thinking, and community knowledge to solving pressing and important environmental challenges. Our personal and organizational integrity serves as a foundation for our work.


We work together to embrace opportunities and challenges in an ever-changing world. We encourage creativity, innovation, and action, while respecting individual points of view.


Volunteer Opportunities

 Allens Pond offers a variety of exciting volunteer opportunities and internships for people of all interests and experience levels. Volunteers are valued members of the Mass Audubon team and provide an important link to our local communities. Whether you have a lifetime interest in nature or are just getting started, Allens Pond has a place for you. Learn More

Join the Osprey Project

Since 2004, Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, with the essential support of volunteers and partner organizations, annually monitors the breeding activity of 80 pairs of osprey on nearly 100 nesting platforms in Westport and Dartmouth, MA. Learn More

Citizen Science

Allens Pond offers many opportunities to participate in wildlife research and protection efforts as a citizen science volunteer. Learn More

Participate in Statewide Volunteer Day

Enjoy getting outdoors, re-connecting with nature, and helping one of our wildlife sanctuaries tackle their spring “to do” list. We have a variety of volunteer projects at 16 sites across Massachusetts.

Mass Audubon volunteers are eligible for many benefits, from free programming to memberships and more! We are one of the most successful organizations for utilizing and attracting volunteer hours in the State.

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