Life's Epiphany; Regenerative Living


Life's Epiphany; Regenerative Living

Contact: Adam Davenport

Address: 5 Forest Lane, Dartmouth, MA 02748

Phone: 508-561-0064



Facebook: LifesEpiphanyHealth

Instagram: lifesepiphany

We are a volunteer coordinator organization and a volunteer host site!



We are dedicated to regenerating the health of individuals, the land and environment we live within. Our work serves to empower people, businesses, and communities to create healthy habits, live happier and interact with nature.

We do this through Ecological and Edible Landscape Design, Individualized Holistic Health Programs, and a Compost Collection Service.

Volunteer Opportunities

Beach Clean ups, Garden/Regenerative Land Care Work, Community garden and school garden work.


"Life's Epiphany gave us invaluable advice since I am a novice gardener. They took the 'work' out of starting a garden and provided me an opportunity to have my dream garden :-)" - Katie P.

"Prior to building my garden I felt less than capable of growing anything in my yard in a healthy, smart way (taking proper care of the soil, organized planting, keeping animals out, etc.) Now that my garden is complete I feel like my garden is the heart of my yard." -Carissa W.

"I don't think I stopped laughing and smiling since our last (Health Coaching) session. I feel unbelievably light. Now I'm flying instead of walking :)! Thank you for making me open up to you and thank you for listening. What you do is extremely important. You are changing people's lives!" - Natalia

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