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We are a volunteer connector and coordinator organization and a volunteer host site!



We’re waging a focused campaign against child poverty.

Almost 50% of American children live in poor or low income households. source

For us, the solution is healthy families and public education. We’re building a caring community where we can easily share our gifts to ensure children are connected with what they need, and learn how to read. We seriously support local public schools through tangible and measurable service learning, early literacy and middle school mentoring programming. Poverty is wreaking havoc on healthy families and public education!

A Tangible Mission

GiftsToGive™ is a magical place. Thousands of local children come here to engage in giving and service. We call it Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship.

Kids donate their “gently-used” clothes, toys, books and things they no longer need or use and volunteer at our huge re-purposing center to process, organize and package tons of donations, transforming them into thousands of individual gift packages.

Hundreds of local agencies and care givers go on-line and order customized gift-packages for homeless and at-risk children in their care. All this is made possible through the skill sets and commitment of our volunteer management team.

Our NGO business model is low cost, high impact and we’re working to be self-sustaining. In essence, we’re building a more caring community by repositioning philanthropy and redefining citizenship.

Volunteer Opportunities

GiftsToGive is fueled exclusively by volunteers – and we need you to join us! We have meaningful work for volunteers starting at age three. Seriously! Our youngest volunteers make art – wrapping paper for our birthday program. Older students inspect toys to ensure they work and have all their parts – and they’re so much better at it than adults! Teenage student fashionistas put together packages of well-coordinated outfits. Adults do everything from sorting donations to fixing things that break around the mill.

We have useful work for anyone and try to make use of the unique gifts that everyone has to give. Individuals and families may just “drop in” at the mill and we’ll put you to work.

-We open at 9am for volunteers, Monday-Saturday.
-We close at 2pm, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
-We close at 5pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Volunteers do everything from unloading donations from cars and trucks to filling orders sent by our distribution partners. Although specific tasks vary from group to group, by age, experience and day to day, here are some of the things that our volunteers do at the Mill:
-Sort and Inspect Toy Donations – Kids of all ages (even the ones that never grew up) are always needed for this job. Volunteers inspect toys to make sure that they work correctly, and have all their parts before cleaning and sorting them by age and type.
-Process Clothing Donations – Volunteers inspect all incoming clothes, sort them into type and size and then make clothing packs of well-coordinated outfits that children will be proud to wear.
-Manufacture wrapping paper for our Happy Birthday Program- Three and four year-old artists, color and decorate large papers to be used as wrapping for birthday gifts.
-Book Processing – Inspect and sort books by age, for a specialized assembly by literacy professionals into a “7”Pack” we gift for each child we serve.
-Package “Welcome Baby” supplies for newborns.
-Maintenance at the Mill: Are you a tinkerer (or might be married or related to one)? There is ALWAYS something to repair, fix, retrofit, invent, re-invent, make safe. The mill is 30,000 s/f and there is always something needed to do, to keep us safe and sound.
-Fill Backpacks With School Supplies – We assemble backpacks full of schools supplies, arts and craft supplies and books.
-Bicycle inspection and repair.
-Working at the mill – managing a department or task – working a scheduled shift on the factory floor – once a week, three times a week – every day!
-Fill Orders – Volunteers act as personal shoppers and scour our shelves for the best items we have available to fill detailed orders provided by our distribution partners.
-Outside the Mill – We need volunteers from Newport to Wareham, to:
-Organize collection drives
-Connect youth groups from schools and churches, temples and mosques.
-Organize Student Leadership groups in schools
Support our Distribution Partners in each community
-Be a “Talker”, speak at local gatherings on our behalf
-Be a Mentor and help foster Middle School Students in their schools.
-The Gentlemen’s Round Table and The Sorority
-Transport gift packages, in bulk, to offices of social workers without transportation
-Volunteer with PTO groups to help them in early literacy programs in elementary schools, during school.
-Assist with our marketing

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