T-Shirt Design Contest

tshirt_contest_flyer_small.jpgFrom April 12th-17th, SouthCoast Serves will be celebrating National Volunteer Week with an array of events that encourage volunteerism in partnership with the Massachusetts Service Alliance and Corporation for National and Community Service.  South Coast Serves will also be celebrating a re-launch of their presence into the South Coast region of Massachusetts. And to celebrate our re-launch, we will be holding a T-Shirt Design Contest!

T-Shirt Design Contest Rules & Regulations

Who is SouthCoast Serves?

SouthCoast Serves is a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Leduc Center for Civic Engagement facilitated collaborative that fosters service and volunteerism to meet the needs of our community by leveraging resources, expertise and capacity to maximize impact. SouthCoast Serves believes that through service, we can take responsibility for our region’s future. The ultimate vision of SouthCoast Serves is to lead our community to become a place where people can and do integrate service into their everyday lives.

Where Do You Come In?

We are looking for talented artists such as yourself to design a logo for t-shirts we are planning to create to give out to the first 220 honorees who complete the SouthCoast 60 Pledge.

The SC60 Pledge is where you pledge to complete 60 hours of service over the course of a year. Those who complete the pledge receive a Certificate, acknowledgement on our website and social media portals, a surprise gift, and invitation to a surprise event! And soon they will also receive a SouthCoast 60 T-Shirt designed by someone like you!

T-Shirt Contest

We are looking for designs to go on the shirt, which in some way symbolize the pledge, volunteerism, the South Coast of Massachusetts, and/or our partners. Design entries with bright, clear colors and simple lines without too much complexity will be easier to reproduce onto t-shirts so please keep that in mind, and let your imagination run wild!

We will be accepting designs until Saturday, March 28th at midnight. However, no late entries will be accepted. Please email your submissions to southcoastserves@gmail.com!

Since we are a collaborative and based on community engagement, the contest element will come from a public showing of the designs from March 30th to April 5th. We will engage participants from our personal social media pages and websites, partners, social networks, and the general community will vote on the winner! Contestants in the t-shirt design contest are encouraged to share the contest on their social media accounts to showcase their design, the contest, and SouthCoast Serves! In the case of any ties, the winner will be selected by a group of SouthCoast Serves organizers based on the public polling.


On April 12th, the beginning of National Volunteer Week, we will announce the winner of the t-shirt design contest in a press release which will also be re-launching our website and pushing a volunteerism boost in the SouthCoast region!

In addition to public recognition during National Volunteer Week, the winner will receive a “swag bag” of special items from the SouthCoast Serves partners including items such as apparel, certificates to local area businesses, coffee mugs, water bottles, and more.

Please see below for a timeline of how the contest will run:

-Saturday, March 28th: Designs must be in by midnight that day; no late entries will be accepted.

-March 30th-April 3rd: Public contest where participants from our Facebook, Twitter, and website will vote on which they prefer. Contestants are encouraged to share the contest on their social media accounts.

-April 6th: Winner selected by SCS members based on results of poll to help break any ties.

-April 12-17: National Volunteer Week activities

-April 12: Press release, winner announced

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