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Civic Support

Contact: Shonna Ryan

Address: 36 North Water St. Unit 2, New Bedford, MA 02740

Phone: 508-496-9777 Fax: 508-996-8254



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We are a volunteer coordinator organization!



Three years ago, a group of friends were chatting when they stumbled upon an interesting conversation point. There are many great organizations out there doing important community work, but why does it seem like so many of them struggle to stay afloat when they are doing a great things?

Like many small businesses, nonprofits and good-will projects fail not because the creators lack passion, but because they lack the expertise in business operations, marketing and technology to make it.

That group of friends realized that their collective skills could be used to help change this. With backgrounds in marketing, web development, professional writing, public relations and graphic design, this team was poised to help community organizations succeed.

Civic Support was envisioned as a mission to provide affordable outreach and business development strategies to fellow nonprofits and community organizations.

Today Civic Support is an establish 501c3 nonprofit in beautiful downtown New Bedford and has worked with multiple partners that range from educational nonprofits to health initiatives to youth programs. Civic Support is always seeking new community projects to assist in developing.

Volunteer Opportunities

As an organization that is focused on marketing and outreach, we are well suited to helping build a network of volunteers. Since we work with a number of nonprofits and organizations, each with varied missions and programs, we are also able to help identify some of the volunteerism needs of these groups, and then connect them with volunteers.

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