Become a Partner!

Interested in becoming a SouthCoast Serves Partner and joining our service network throughout the South Coast community? The benefits of being a SouthCosat Serves Partner include:

  • Promotion of organization on SCS website and public relations materials
  • Networking with like-minded people and organizations
  • Grant opportunities
  • Inclusion in signature events including days of service, service showcase, speed dating, service fairs, recognition events, SCS60 pledge
  • Priority access to hundreds of volunteers notably BCC and UMass Dartmouth students


As a SouthCoast Serves Partner, you will also subscribe to the following agreements:

  1. Support SouthCoast Serves’ vision while serving to strengthen its efforts and meet its needs.
  2. Enhance the partnership’s public standing and brand identity.
  3. Represent the partnership to other entities and the public.
  4. Serve as a liaison between your organization and SouthCoast Serves’ other partners.
  5. Suggest possible partners who are like-minded.
  6. Agree to serve on one SCS committee: Sustainability & Food Justice, Youth, or Advocacy.
  7. Actively participate in SouthCoast affairs and help to determine the strategic direction of the collaborative.
  8. Make a good faith effort to attend all meetings and committees you serve on.
  9. Prepare for and participate in meetings, including appropriate organizational activities.
  10. Keep SouthCoast Serves abreast with significant matters concerning your organization such as service opportunities, events, or needs.
  11. Serve as a part of the holistic collaborative that is SouthCoast Serves rather than to promote any special interest group or constituency.
  12. Support SouthCoast Serves 60 Hour Pledge based on organizational capacity.
  13. Report service hours, volunteer recruitment numbers, and impact.
  14. Provide updated contact and organizational information for website and other media portals.


Do you want to join our collaborative of service organizations? Email and we will talk about your organization's capacity to becoming a SCS Partner!

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