SouthCoast Serves

SouthCoast Serves is a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Leduc Center for Civic Engagement connector project which fosters service and volunteerism to meet the needs of our community by leveraging resources, expertise and capacity to maximize impact.


SouthCoast Serves believes that through service, we can take responsibility for our region’s future.

The vision of SouthCoast Serves is to effectively engage youth in our community through meaningful service and volunteerism.

SouthCoast Serves ultimately strives to lead our community to become a place where people can and do integrate service into their everyday lives. 


SouthCoast Serves was developed in the Summer of 2009 with inspiration from the passage of the historic Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act and collaboration on our first UMass Dartmouth Civic Engagement summit.

Since our initial meeting in June 2009 SouthCoast Serves has been laying the foundation for success by developing comprehensive mission and vision statements, meeting with our legislators, coordinating joint service activities and networking to further service activities in the region.